Weekly roundup Saturday 30 October

Arcade in Melbourne house

Canberra through a National Party lens

Weekly roundup of links to articles, reports, podcasts and other media on current political and economic issues in public policy.


"The Australian way": make a proclamation and do nothing

Pandemic politics

Too much hype about our vaccination success. How will the other states handle "opening up" – or will lawbreakers do it for them?


A who's who of tax evasion. Who should we let in/entice to come to Australia?

Democracy's struggles

Julian Assange: an update. How we have gone soft on an authoritarian government.

Polls and surveys

Are the Coalition and the Liberal Party in terminal decline? The numbers suggest they are.


We want infrastructure as long as it's green. People in the bush don't love any politicians very much.

Something entirely different

Virtual Paris.

If you have feasted yourself on this selection, Australian websites with regular comment and analysis on economic and political developments include The Conversation, The Grattan Institute, Inside Story, The Lowy Institute, Michael West Media, Open Forum, Pearls and Irritations.

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