Webinars and long podcasts


Remember the Schwartz 7am daily news podcast.

Australia Institute webinars

Tuesday 7 December, 1300 AEDT: Katharine Murphy and Peter Lewis “Poll position” – a discussion of polling trends and methods. This webinar is held every two weeks as issues unfold. This will be the last for 2021,

The Australia Institute webinars are free, but registration is essential. See the Institute’s webinars webpage.

UTS Uncomfortable Conversations with Josh Szeps

See their website for the latest weekly podcasts.

Joseph Walker’s Jolly Swagman podcasts

Interviews with people from the worlds of business, economics, politics and foreign affairs. Check on the website.

Democracy Sausage

A fortnightly look at politics and current affairs, hosted by Mark Kenny “with expert analysis and discussion from researchers at the Australian National University and beyond”. See the website.

The Iron Fist and the Velvet Glove

“An Australian podcast about politics, sex and religion”, livestreamed every Tuesday at 1930 Queensland time, and available on their website.