The pestilences visited on Canberra

Smewhere in gthe great Australian bush

The Bible’s Book of Exodus describes the seven plagues God inflicted on Egypt.

Canberra too has been the target of several pestilences, including the bushfires of 2019, the National Party, and now a plague of rabbits have set upon Parliament House.

This seems to be in fulfilment of a 1964 prophecy by author Russell Braddon. In his book The year of the angry rabbit giant mutant rabbits take over Canberra and terrorise the nation.  Unfortunately, as is the fate of prophets, Braddon was not recognized in his time, and Wikipedia dismissively describes his work as a “pulp narrative …. played for laughs”.  Amazon, which ranks it at 11 517 575 in its best sellers’ rank, offers a hardcover copy for $75. Or you may find a copy in the dusty corners of a second hand bookshop.