Weekly roundup Saturday 18 December

Think of something

This picture was taken exactly five years ago, on 17 December 2016, showing people walking or running over Parliament House. To Romaldo Giurgola, the designer of Parliament House, this was a fitting symbol of democracy: parliament belongs to the people, and our legislators are subservient to and (literally) under the people. To the Coalition government, however, this was too much. The next day the security goons closed public access to the lawns covering Parliament House, and they have remained closed off ever since.

Weekly roundup of links to articles, reports, podcasts and other media on current political and economic issues in public policy.

This is my last roundup for 2021. Back on Saturday January 15 unless something extraordinary happens before then: Covid-19 disappears, Morrison apologises for the Coalition’s poor economic management, Labor proposes to restore progressive taxes ...

Coronavirus – more nimble than governments

Everything we don’t know about Omicron.


All you need to know about MYEFO – and that’s not much. A tough Christmas for many. Trade unions becoming less blokey. A troika blocking structural adjustment. Can you buy fruit with a clear conscience?


Stop looking for a “leader” and get on with the hard job of leadership. Remembering the Soviet Union.

Public ideas

Pope Leo XIII, the Labor Party, Tony Abbott.

The long election campaign

A pity the election wasn’t held last week. Nero, lions, Zali Steggall, Andrew Wilkie and others.

If you go down to the mall today

Canadians in for a big surprise.

If you have feasted yourself on this selection, Australian websites with regular comment and analysis on economic and political developments include The Conversation, The Grattan Institute, Inside Story, The Lowy Institute, Michael West Media, Open Forum, Pearls and Irritations.

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