Webinars, podcasts and readings

The Policy Post

Martyn Goddard’s Policy Post. Don’t expect Nirvana, or how to avoid being disappointed with a Labor government. Crimes against aesthetics (no, he isn’t referreng to UAP billboards).

UTS Uncomfortable Conversations with Josh Szeps

See their website for the latest weekly podcasts. “Would the US defend Australia?”, “Who’s really disabled?”.

Nicholas Gruen

Nicholas Gruen’s reading and listening. “Are we trying to avoid the wrong war?” “How economics found science … and lost its subject matter”.

Joseph Walker’s Jolly Swagman

See his weekend reading and selected links, accessible through his newsletter. “Political ideology in Australia: the distinctiveness of a Benthamite Society”. When did colonists start thinking of themselves as “Australian”? And more on interstellar transport, Japanese population projections, alarmism, productivity and artificial intelligence, and how to use a rotary dial phone in case you have one you’re trying to connect to the internet.