Webinars, podcasts and readings

Balmain Institute

Thursday, June 9, 18:30, Balmain Town Hall (in person), Bates Gill on “China’s global ambitions under Xi Jinping 2022”. See the Institute’s website.

The Policy Post

Martyn Goddard’s Policy Post. Why Labor failed in Tasmania. Wear a mask and save the economy. How to avoid being disappointed by a Labor government.

UTS Uncomfortable Conversations with Josh Szeps

See their website for the latest weekly podcasts. “Dr Drew – America’s favourite doctor”, “Would the US defend Australia?”.

Democracy Sausage

A fortnightly look at politics and current affairs, hosted by Mark Kenny. This week is “A new political climate?”. See the website.

Nicholas Gruen

Nicholas Gruen’s reading and listening. “Some thoughts on election weekend”, “Are we trying to avoid the wrong war?”.

Joseph Walker’s Jolly Swagman

See his weekend reading and selected links, accessible through his newsletter. The problem of excess genius, advice to startup companies in tough economic conditions, Tolkien on civilizational decay.