Webinars, podcasts and readings

In this section of the roundup I have been trying to keep sites updated with new content and advice of upcoming events. Because the hosts of some of these sites update at the end of the week, I have often missed their updates. So from now on I am simply providing links to the sites. If there are any sites I should link – Australian sites relevant to politics, economics or public ideas generally – please let me know (ian at the domain ianmcauley.com).

Also, I will continue to list one-off events unrelated to the listed sites.

The sites I have been listing, in alphabetical order, are:

The Australia Institute – webinars and meetings on a separate page.

Australian Energy Emissions Monitor – regular updates on emissions.

The Balmain Institute – monthly meetings.

Club Troppo – always something out of the ordinary.

The Conversation – short articles by academics, continuously updated.

Croakey – health policy.

Democracy Sausage – a fortnightly look at politics and current affairs, hosted by Mark Kenny.

Eureka Street – policy, arts, theology, often with a Jesuit perspective.

The Grattan Institute – in-depth studies on economic issues.

Inside Story – but it seems to have gone quiet.

The Jolly Swagman – truly eclectic, hosted by Joseph Walker.

The Lowy Institute – strong on foreign policy.

Michael West Media – political journalism at its best.

Nicholas Gruen’s reading and listening.

Open Forum – hosted by Global Access Partners.

Pearls and Irritations – for those who come here through my website.

Policy Post – hosted by Martyn Goddard, weekly updates, often with articles on health policy.

Uncomfortable Conversations with Josh Szeps (UTS).

The Wheeler Centre, Melbourne.