Weekly roundup Saturday 11 June


Electricity prices – how abruptly can energy policy shift direction?

Weekly roundup of links to articles, reports, podcasts and other media on current political and economic issues in public policy.


The Coalition’s strategy – vacate the centre, go for the suburbs. Labor’s history of winning elections just in time to clean up the mess left by conservatives, and copping the blame for it. More post-election analysis – Labor’s support is shifting back to its working-class base.

Public policy

Treasury presents our economic and fiscal situation in a clear statement, and drops plenty of hints about the budget to be presented in October. The Coalition’s “gas -led recovery”; jobs on offer shovelling coal into old boilers. The Reserve Bank’s shock interest-rate rise – right decision, poor justification. Economic warning from the World Bank. The public service – unloved for nine years and being brought back into the fold. Health – it’s not just Covid: our hospitals are struggling.

Public ideas

Moral injury and its remedies. The young as a political movement.

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