Weekly roundup Saturday 2 July

US alliance

US Alliance – fit for purpose? (B52 peacemaker over Canberra)

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The argument about parliamentary staff for crossbenchers is more than a squabble over resources: it’s about how our parliamentary democracy works. Lowy polls the nation and finds we have become more conscious of security threats, we like the US Alliance, and we are still open towards globalisation. Hugh White offers a different view on the US Alliance. The Essential poll finds the government is enjoying a honeymoon.

Public policy

The 2021 Census has plenty of messages for policymakers: we’re secularizing, we’re ageing, and we’re moving. Our electricity future – it’s big, really big. Social housing – too little of it. What you need to know about revenue sharing: if you live east of Eucla your’e subsidizing Western Australia’s government services. The pandemic: it’s getting worse.

Public ideas

A union boss and a corporate boss get together to solve a problem: that shouldn’t be newsworthy but it’s become so rare that it is newsworthy. The US Supreme Court, its wondrous ways, and its implications for Australia: it’s more relevant than it would appear if all you use is a legal lens.

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Germans having fun

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