Weekly roundup Saturday 11 March


Enlightened, at least on the outside

Weekly roundup of links to articles, reports, podcasts and other media on current political and economic issues in public policy.


Revealed – the computer code that has the Reserve Bank on a loop of rising inflation and rising interest rates. Last week’s national accounts reveal that productivity has stalled. Superannuation: by 2123 the average tradie’s super account will exceed the national GDP.

Housing policy

Why we should tax the family home, why it’s difficult, and how we can tax it. Problems faced by renters – the consequences in a market where housing has become a financial commodity.

Education policy

Revitalizing our universities. The burden of student debt, now falling disproportionately on women. How schools are performing – better than as presented by the Murdoch media, but there are problems to be addressed. Why more kids are going truant.

Public ideas

Four public intellectuals ponder the future of liberalism. Journalists reveal fault lines in our “Westminster” model as public servants and executive government discover the existence of Parliament. On International Women’s Day we note our poor ranking for gender equality, but at least we’re a few places ahead of Afghanistan.

A musical accompaniment to the RBA press release

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