Weekly roundup Saturday 6 July

Korean War memorial

Please explain how vandalizing war memorials relieves suffering in Gaza?

Weekly roundup of links to articles, reports, podcasts and other media on current political and economic issues in public policy.


Independent economists believe the economy is due for a cut in interest rates, while the RBA remains obsessed with the CPI. An economic optimist infiltrates the RBA top ranks. Why the government’s Future Made in Australia is the right policy for a tricky global economic environment. How a dumb capital-gains policy thwarts the RBA’s attempt to use interest rates to suppress demand. Your next electricity bill explained: electricity prices are falling but corporate profits and waste are rising.

Health policy

If we want to ease hospital queues we’d better pay more tax. A snapshot of Australia’s health.


The Greens’ brilliance in spawning a new hard-right political movement and undermining secularism. Why do journalists, including ABC journalists, keep telling us how badly we’re doing, fertilizing the ground for populist demagogues offering simple solutions to complex problems? What we can learn from the failure of the Voice: there’s more to it than Dutton’s disgraceful behaviour. What the polls reveal: women continue to turn off the Coalition and its silly ideas for nuclear energy. Elections in two European countries: nothing conclusive yet. Welcome to a new Governor-General.

Public ideas

The case for seven weeks’ annual leave, but economists would settle for five weeks. The case for disenfranchising men, but are identity concerns displacing concerns for gender equality?

July 4

Jingoism-free American patriotism.


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